The website & the community
Re:thinking Culture is a Think (& Make) Tank open to those who believe that Culture is the premise, the inspiration and the tool to change the concept of economy, value, development.
The blog is the home for all friends devoted to analyze, explore and experiment solutions to make Culture even more relevant and effective in leveraging social innovation in all meanings.
Enjoy this place as:
# Open (knowledge) space
# Co-working (digital) habitat
# Culture-centered community

Re:thinking Culture Manifesto
We assume culture as a core and a pivot.
We use culture to combine and recombine elements.
We believe in lifelong learning by playing.
We design on a three dimensions approach.
We are aware fields are always connected.
We do not recognize top-down perception.
We do look for equilibrium as a goal.
We know the challenge never ends.

Looking for Impact(s)
An 8‐tiers approach to the indirect effects of cultural participation:
• Innovation
• Welfare
• Sustainability
• Social cohesion
• New entrepreneurship
• Soft power
• Local identity
• Knowledge economy

Main Photo Credits (Creative Commons): click here.

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