Re:thinking Culture uses digital tools (social media, digital platforms, gamification, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding) to enhance audience engagement and interaction in  projects about tourism, retail, culture management, no profit, e-governance, urban development. 

Re:thinking Culture offers consulting and/or operational services about:

  • Digital platforms (crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, transmedia storytelling);
  • Social media campaigns;
  • Gamification projects;
  • Tutoring, mentoring, innovative incubation format for creative and cultural startup and enterprises;
  • Big data researches.


Re:thinking Culture is a consultancy project aimed to help public administrations and firms finding new ways to create value from culture….

Re:thinking Cities
Adding new factors to the traditional equation about urban planning, urban regeneration, community building, to contribute creating resilient habitats.

Re:thinking Business
Fostering empowerment for creative people and firms in building new and sustainable culture-oriented businesses, experimenting new models and tools.

Re:thinking Media
Exploring the universes of communication, through languages, channels, semantics, ecosystems and channels of modern interaction among people.

Re:thinking Healthcare 
Studying spill-over effect of culture on physical and psycological health, to determine new well-being dimensions.

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