SLOT – CREATIVE HUB: a new creative dimension for airports. Beyond Tourism, exploring Traveling 3.0

Slot-Creative Hub: the airport as an experience hub and a processor of culture, creativity and sociality, a transit space for cultural streams in movement. A place and a tool to communicate and share, where tangible and intangible matching happens.
In Slot-Creative Hub Project, promoted by Gesac – managing firm of International Naples Airport – cultural events make the space itself an experiential facilitator, not only in a logistic perspective, offering to travelers and to territorial community a 7-steps path (dedicated to Perspectives, Passages ,Human Touch, Art Connections, Landscapes of Innovation, Urban Change, Finding the Future), from March to November 2016, to explore relevant contemporary issues such as Food & Design, Innovation, Urban Evolution and Traveling through exhibits, talks, gamification and live art initiatives. The path is represented, inside the Terminal, in a site-specific art installation.
Performing arts, interactive exhibitions, design and storytelling work together in a “creative intermodality” dimension, aggregating and generating inspirations, talents, skills, territorial and extraterritorial assets in space and time where/when travel “happens”.


A gateway – actual and symbolic – to improve passenger experience.
The project title is inspired by two of the main pillars of airport dimension and lexicon:
“Slot”, a spot – defined by a combination of space and time – assigned to any plane for landing and taking off. A moment – and a place – for travelers to interact with cultural and creative stimuli during a peculiar passage of their journey, the one through the “Hub“, astarting station and a node of a larger network, both for people and creative energies.
Creativity is the strong link among them, as a sense-making element.

Project concept by Gesac in collaboration with Creactivitas-Creative Economy Lab. The activities included in the program are developed in collaboration with important partners such as Città della Scienza, ADI Associazione per il Disegno Industriale Delegazione per la Campania, Wine and the City, SlideLuck, Homo Scrivens and Altofest Teatri in Gestazione.


Slot-Creative Hub is a node made of space and time, where streams of people, knowledge and innovation cross and match, before leaving toward new destinations.
Slot-Creative Hub is a place and a moment for deep meeting, where a new path is defined to explore relationships that give sense to any trip.

  • The Airport is the place connecting places, the starting and the arriving station, the meeting point of a living and evolving network, built on and by experiences of people who give sense, shape and meaning to it, just by traveling.
  • The Traveler is the ambassador, the explorer, the adventurer, the witness and the agent of new dynamics, generating and bringing emotions and intangible heritage that produce collective imagination.
  • Culture and creativity are tools, languages shapes and drivers of expression, elements defining space and time for meeting, sharing, relationship, knowledge.
  • Travelling is the dimension born by the sum of tangible and intangible elements combining and connecting to build a system capable of catalyze and return creative energies – enriched and augmented.


The art installation is a visual and concept map of project principles and contents, and also a sketchbook to collect all-in-one memories, suggestions and ideas born and found along the 7-steps path of Slot-Creative Hub: Perspectives, Passages, Human Touch, Art Connections, Landscapes of Innovation, Urban Change, Finding the Future.
Each cube represents a single step, a Slot, and it’s dedicated as a content container and as an artistic display to a specific topic.
Art installation by Gesac in collaboration with:
• Bverse
• Creactivitas-Creative Economy Lab
• Antonia Auletta
• Fabio Borghese
• Claudio Calveri
• Giacomo Cesaro
• Carla Giusti

LINK: Here’s the link to the projects blog (in Italian).

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