Italian Foodies: Endogenous Growth Patterns towards ‘Foodtainment’ and Gourmandise

The industry of taste is increasingly being recognized as a ‘new’ sector in the creative industries, and a complex one which combines significant economic relevance with the elements of intangibility that are typical of cultural assets. It is a growing sector and a particularly interesting one in that it allows a most stimulating interplay of identity, traditions, territories, histories, and landscapes, combined with creativity, research, and technological innovation, and with an outstanding level of participation and active involvement of the general public.
We focus on the Italian case. Beginning with the 1980s, we reconstruct the evolution of Italian gourmands’ preferences, and of the market for gastronomy-­‐related cultural products. Subsequently, using data collected from a panel of experts, we analyze the effects of the gradual improvement of the Italy’s demand for gastronomic products in the last twenty years, explain its dynamic, and speculate on future consumption trends and on the possible evolution of the sector’s structure.

Article by Martha Friel, Pier Luigi Sacco
Published in International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries 2015

Read the whole article clicking here.

Main Photo Credits: click here.

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